Murals in Mulberry

July 7, 2017
Murals in Mulberry
Dope Quotes, Inc in association with The City Of Mulberry, FL are constructing a series of murals & installations throughout the “City Of Mulberry”. We recently concluded an art competition hoping to encourage local students to submit art concepts and take an active role in painting and working on these historic happenings. Participation was considerably lower then we had hoped; however, the projects are moving forward, which is the purpose of this post.
Our first location is the “Spence Park” aka The Mulberry Pool and we would love for the residents of Mulberry and surrounding areas to take an active roll in the creation of our first art piece. We are encouraging all “Mulberrians” to submit past and current images for the purpose of being featured in the mural. We are creating a picturesque timeline by combining past and current images in addition to custom visuals created by the supervising artists Jeff Elkin & Ray Leviston.
We are eagerly reaching out to the local schools, churches, community organizations, and residents (past and present) to acquire as many images as possible. This approach will ensure we get a collection of images that will allow us to create art showcasing the diverse tapestry that is the community of Mulberry.
This mural will symbolize a notable turning point in our community’s history. It will be a defining moment signaling the city’s new commitment to the beautification of our community and establishing it’s dedication to raising awareness concerning the importance of saving “The Arts”. We’re hoping you decide to be a part of this journey. Submit images to or contact us via 813.748.0141…Deadline is 7/28/2017..