Mulberry’s Adopt A Park Program

May 18, 2017
Mulberry’s Adopt A Park Program

Mulberry has officially launched their “Adopt A Park” Program! Read below for more details.

What is Adopt a Park?

The Adopt a Park Program is an opportunity for local businesses and organizations to be hands-on members of the team that keeps our city parks in top condition. A program of this kind become increasingly important in times of smaller budgets and scarce resources. The contribution of your group’s time and effort will ensure that Mulberry’s parks remain among the most beautiful around.

Why Adopt a Park?

Grow your organization through community service and team building.
Enhancing parks promotes civic engagement, pride and environmental stewardship.
Help raise maintenance levels, increase the quality of parks and facilities and help to beautify Mulberry’s parks.

How does the Program Work?

Your group, business, or organization may adopt a park after consultation with the City of Mulberry staff. We will assist you in determining which park will benefit most from your efforts and will be most convenient for you corps of volunteers. We ask that your group make a commitment to your adopted park for at least one year. Maintenance efforts will be tailored to your adopted park and may include:
– Painting
– Litter pick-up
– Small-scale gardening and landscaping
– Sweeping walkways
– Tree planting and stewardship

Who can participate?

Church Groups
Neighborhood Associations
Fraternal Organizations

Groups wishing to adopt a city park shall have a mission that does not conflict with the City of Mulberry’s mission, including its initiative to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles in a family-friendly environment. The City of Mulberry reserves the right to deny requests from groups whose mission, goal, or history are counter to the mission of the City of Mulberry.
For more information please contact
Louis Holstein at (863) 393 – 8166, or