Human Resources

Human Resources is a strategic partner with City Departments ensuring customer satisfaction by providing high quality customer services through value added and innovative initiatives, to a diverse workforce and applicant pool, in all aspects of Human Resources in compliance with all Federal and State labor laws.human_resources

Service Statement

  • Treat all customers with the highest level of respect and provide excellent real time service.
  • Maximize our human capital by hiring the most qualified candidates while retaining our valued employees.
  • Offer employees the opportunity to obtain high level, quality benefits, while controlling cost and improving employee health.

Goals & Objectives

Strategic Business Focus

Goal No. 1: Provide the highest quality customer service in pursuit of excellence


  • Establish, administer and effectively communicate sound policies, rules and practices that treat employees with dignity and equality while maintaining City compliance with employment and labor laws, City policies, and labor agreements.
  • Develop and maintain Human Resources job function procedures
  • Ensure that the employees in the Human Resources Department are given the tools, training and motivation to operate in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Maintain a Human Resources annual calendar of major activities

Measurement of Achievement

  • Complete Standard Operating Procedures, developing one policy per month and post on Shared drive within one (1) week of finalization.
  • Meet with Department Heads as necessary to obtain feedback regarding Human Resources services annually.
  • Update documented guidelines for Human Resources job responsibilities within one (1) month of a major change.
  • Ensure that all employees attend at least one (1) training class regarding Human Resources issues.
  • Maintain the annual calendar on the shared drive and update it.

Goal No. 2: Employ technology and methods, which enhance service, communications and productivity in a cost effective manner.


  • Automate the invoice processing for Life and Long Term Disability Insurance by utilizing the Benefits module in HTE Payroll system.
  • Work with ITS to develop a Human Resources information source on the City intranet.
  • Support Sustainability Initiatives by pursuing uses for green technology within the H.R. department.

Measurement of Achievement

  • Enter the data for Life and Long Term Disability Insurance into HTE by September 2010 to enable H.R. to self-bill.
  • Provide ITS with H.R. data monthly prior to Intranet go live in December 2009 and maintain the H.R. data weekly after go live through September 2010.
  • During H.R. Staff meetings discuss ideas for practical green technology applications in the H.R. office and track annual savings after implementation of each application by September 2010.

Goal No. 3: Efficiently recruit and retain the best-qualified people while recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity in the City.


  • Utilize statistical reports and other sources to measure Human Resources recruiting metrics.
  • Implement creative methods to fill the human capital needs of the City in a manner that accommodates employees’ work/life balance.
  • Reduce voluntary turnover rates by improving the advertising/selection process and managing the current workforce resource.

Goal No. 4: Maintain the City’s compensation program


  • Maintain a competitive Class and Compensation program
  • Maintain/revise Job Descriptions and create new ones as required
  • Maintain and revise the Personnel Policy Manual
  • Successfully negotiate the successor SEIU Blue Collar and White Collar Collective Bargaining Agreement and any collective bargaining agreements that may reopen during this fiscal year.
  • Train supervisors and management on the terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Maintain Labor Management Committees

Goal No. 5: Provide cost effective, value added benefit programs that enable the City to attract and retain employees.


  • Obtain/maintain and administer high quality benefit programs for employees and provide excellent customer service.
  • Review options for cost containment in the Employee Health Plans, such as partial self-funding and disease management.
  • Enhance employees’ comprehension of benefits via educational programs
  • Expand the focus on employee health/wellness throughout the year.

Important Documents and Policies

Light Duty Policy

Cell Phone Policy

Compensatory Time Policy

Compressed Work Week Policy

Dependability Policy

Discipline Policy

Employee Conduct Policy

City of Mulberry Personnel Manual



Contact Information

Sharon Lauther, City Clerk/Human Resources Director
office: 863-425-1125 ext 223