A Note from the City Manager: Hurricane Irma

September 8, 2017
A Note from the City Manager: Hurricane Irma

Hello Fellow Mulberrians,

You have noticed that Hurricane Irma is heading our way, and may pass directly over us shortly. We are all hoping and praying for the best and have tried to prepare for the worst. City staff will be manning City Hall 24 hours a day beginning Saturday evening. We will be here for hurricane related emergencies, and will forward your concerns to the appropriate responding agencies. Hopefully everyone recognizes that this does not include paying your water bill or calling about a barking dog.

We will be communicating with City of Mulberry staff who have undergone specialized training and are stationed in the Polk County Emergency Operations Center in Winter Haven. They will be in direct contact with representatives from all other responding agencies. It is important to remember that during the most intense part of the wind and rain, emergency personnel may not be able to respond to you, and will respond only when it is logically safe to do so.

As a reminder, Polk County has established an emergency shelter at the Mulberry Middle School on MLK Jr Avenue for those who have or need to evacuate their homes. Be safe out there, Mulberry.

-Rick Johnson, City Manager